‘Friends & Citizens’ is a summer-long design studio dedicated to combining the academic and professional world of architecture for interns at any level of education. Our firm oversees the students, offering them the tools and guidance required to complete a comprehensive design project. Students collaborate with various entities, including local governments, organizations, and consultants. The mission of Friends & Citizens is to have professionals collaborate with students to develop design skills while participating in public policy discussions, developing smart land-use and urban planning strategies, considering sustainability, and most importantly; building vibrant communities. In short, the program wants to improve our neighborhoods and our world as Friends & Citizens. The Fairburn Building was the third year implementing the studio and focused on the economic and social benefit of developing a new project in downtown Rapid City.

Working with a team of marketing interns at Fresh Produce, the Fairburn Building was named after the state gemstone, the fairburn agate – historically located in the area of the site. This agate is attractive, layered, and varying in color. Working with this team of consulting interns, a marketing plan was developed to help give the building a common language for of advertising, wayfinding, signage, and more. The unique layering of the agate can be found implemented throughout the design.

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