Britton, SD (2018)
AIA SD Merit Award in Architecture

This project was an exercise in both embracing and challenging the status quo. How can we make a pre-engineered metal building look less…pre-engineered?

Britton, SD, population 1,300, is an hour from anywhere. In 2017, the town fathers approached us to help replace an old Quonset hut where kids played basketball. They asked us to review a plan drafted with the folks at the local lumber yard.

We did a rendering based on their concept, then challenged it. How can this building mean more for the community? Can it be used for recreation, weddings, concerts, ag shows, and other functions? And can we do it for under $160/SF?

We also saw an opportunity to make a ubiquitous rural structure more unique. There’s something admirable about a building that is incredibly efficient. No waste whatsoever. But can it be manipulated to be more expressive?

Here’s our take.

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