Sioux Falls, SD (2022)

Click Rain + Lemonly Headquarters is an old spark plug factory reimagined, restored, then rewarded with some hardware from AIA SD.

A friend and real estate agent called me over to a dilapidated building in a tough neighborhood. “It’s in bad shape, but I think I want to buy it. Do you think it could be cool?”

Not blown away by the structure at first – although I think there were some nice used fishing rods and one mattress in good shape in there – I pulled a ceiling tile down to see what we were working with. I saw the old sawtooth skylights and said, “Probably.”

So we set out to fix it up. An adaptive reuse with the goal of embracing the building’s history while positioning Click Rain + Lemonly as a hip place to work. A nod to the past, fit for the future.

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