Aberdeen, SD (2016-21)

A banker, a lawyer and an architect walk into a bar. At least it used to be a bar. It was called the Wagon Wheel Saloon, I think. Karaoke on Thursdays.

The Downtown Aberdeen Revitalization Team, or DART, was a small group of community-minded folks with a shared vision. Led by two members of the CO-OP team, plus a banker and lawyer, a team of 22 locals pooled resources and tried to polish up some downtown buildings for the good of Aberdeen, SD.

DART sought out owners and businesses that would help drive retail sales, property values, tourism, and housing opportunities in the Downtown Aberdeen Building Improvement District (BID). After breathing new life into four historic buildings on Main Street, the group disbanded, satisfied with downtown’s renewed momentum. It’s maybe not award-winning architecture, but it’s a big step in the right direction for the community.

If you click here, you can read more about DART in a book we made.

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