Aberdeen, SD – 2017

The modern library isn’t a place just for books. It’s a learning center. It’s a place, much like in the past, for the community to gather. It’s also a safe, smart hangout for teens to play video games, to maybe figure out how to adjust the caliper brakes on their bikes, to meet for school projects. It’s a place for somebody to study English as a second language and become more comfortable in our community, a place to study for your GED or MCAT or LSAT. It’s a place where children learn to read and learn to be curious. A place where older folks can access newspapers from around the country, or maybe take a class on French cooking. And a place for the community to have affordable and accessible meeting spaces. In short, it’s a living room. CO-OP, in collaboration with MSR, is proud to bring you Aberdeen’s new living room.

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