Aberdeen, SD (2021)

Together with our friends at DLR Group, we designed the Northern State University Regional Sports Complex with the end game in mind. Our efforts earned us an AIA SD award.

The $38M NSU Regional Sports Complex is home to a competition football stadium and softball field: Dacotah Bank Stadium and Koehler Hall of Fame Field, respectively.

The new facilities have put the proverbial ball in motion for NSU. Better athletic facilities attract better recruits, which means more winning -> more donors -> increased funding -> better learning facilities -> improved academic outcomes -> more student applications -> higher enrollment. It’s a whole circle-of-life, Hakuna-Matata, arrivederci thing.

Actually, I’m not sure about the arrivederci part. But we’re working with NSU on a new school of business and a major dorm renovation now, so maybe it checks out.

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